Uptime Robot Interface Becomes Much More Speedy

Uptime Robot is generating and keeping 1000s of logs each day in order to display reports and help you reach the past data.

There are already millions of records and, as expected, working with huge datasets normally end up in a slower experience.

We were working hard to improve the speed of the Uptime Robot interface, specially the “My Monitors” page that uses these logs to generate the “24 hours status” and “stats” link where you can go back to 2 months.

After lots of tweaks, the loading speeds of these pages are now ~16 times faster which will -hopefully- help you save time.

Just login and experience it yourself : ).

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  1. WOW

    Hi again,

    Thanks for all your help with info eariler before I signed up. The program works good. I blocked the counts from your IP at my analytics service. So far I like what I see. I have even recommended the service to others already.

    I have just one thought for improvement. This does will not help me (not yet anyway) but it will help other users that have many trackers.

    My suggestion if it is possible is to make the colums sortable. This way a user could sort by site name or could sort by status.

    Just my thoughts on this.

  2. admin Post author


    Thanks so much for recommending.

    Sorting and even “custom-positioning how they are listed” are in our to-do-list. We’ll be implementing them after some core features are out (API and few other monitor types).

    Suggestions help us a lot. Thx.

  3. rob

    Some servers it says UP however they are down.. (ping monitoring) why that happenes?

  4. admin Post author


    Can you send a support request with details to [email protected] and we’ll be digging it.


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