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There is never “too much” when it comes to the ways of getting notified about an emergency. And, in some cases, this emergency can be a website or server going down.

Today, voice call notification is added to Uptime Robot and it can be very helpful when we want to make sure that a notification is heard :).

How to add voice call alert contacts?

They are added just like other alert contacts with the steps:

  • My Settings>Alert Contacts>New>Voice Call
  • Once the number is added, an automated call will reach instantly to deliver an activation code.
  • Click the lock icon besides this newly created alert contact and enter the activation code received in the automated call.
  • And, attach this alert contact to the monitors of your choice from the add/edit monitor dialogs.

Suggested use

No one prefers to get disturbed and there are ways to make sure the voice calls are received only when there is an important downtime.

Uptime Robot has an advanced notifications feature (in the Pro Plan) to get notified only when the downtime is longer than x minutes and using this feature together with the voice calls will be a smart choice.

Additionally, it may only be the “voice calls for the down notifications” that we prefer to get. A very recently introduced feature also enables that too.

The pricing

The feature is priced just the same as SMS messages (and a call is considered successful only when the call is answered).

P.S.> As a reminder, it is now possible to get 2x SMS or voice calls for the same price (more details).

Uptime Robot supports multiple methods to get notified about downtimes on mobile (SMS, push notifications via the mobile app, Pushbullet, Pushover or Boxcar).

And, SMS is one of the most reliable notification methods specially when no data plan exists.

Also, many users prefer to configure their SMS alert contacts as:

to make sure that they are notified of longer/important downtimes in case there is no data connectivity.

Pricing update

And, the users can now add 2x more SMS messages for the same price and here are the updated prices:

  • 100 SMS – $15
  • 200 SMS – $25
  • 500 SMS – $55
  • 1000 SMS – $100

Also, the SMS messages included in each Pro Plan is doubled as well.

We’ll also be introducing few new features (very soon) to make sure you can use the SMS messages more effectively. Yay!