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If you every want to find out the date-time of a specific downtime or how long it had taken, the only option was to check the date-times of the notifications sent (from e-mails- tweets, text messages or RSS).

Here is a new feature which is asked most by Uptime Robot users: “ability to view past events/logs”.

The past events can be reached from a new (statistics) icon in the “My Monitors” page.

Once clicked, it’ll display every detail -including up, down, paused, started events- for the last 2 months (for now).

Also, with the help of an “info icon” you can find out “the alert contacts notified”.

And, all of this wrapped up in an easy-to-use Ajaxed interface.

P.S. This is actually the 1st part of the statistics and reporting module being built. Expect much more soon!