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All the requests sent from Uptime Robot are using pre-defined IPs to make sure that we all know the source of the requests.

A new IP block is being added to the system:


And, if exists, please make sure it is whitelisted in your firewalls.

Also, the full list of the IPs used can be found here.

P.S.> If you had never needed to whitelist or take action regarding to  Uptime Robot’s IPs in the past, then you probably don’t need to take any action and can ignore this info.

Tip: While using Uptime Robot until now, if you didn't need to do anything with the IPs of the service, then feel free to skip this post. Actually 99.9% of the users don't need this info.

Around a month ago, we had shared that a new IP was added to our engine to strengthen the system.

However, we experienced that, rather than distributing the engine into small pieces (servers), distributing it into huge ones will end up in a much better performance -what were we thinking: )-.

And now, we have that huge engine ready and will be activated by 11 January 2011 and some other IPs will become obsolete.

Until now, if you had whitelisted (or blacklisted) the IPs of Uptime Robot, please add:

  • into your list as the new IP.

Also, starting by 1 February 2011:

  • will no longer be in use.

Please feel free to ask anything in the comments or as a support ticket ([email protected]).

P.S. All IPs used can be found in the About page.

Excited to share a nice move that will make Uptime Robot much more stable and eliminate any false-positives.

We’ll be starting to monitor websites from multiple locations (from US, Europe, Asia, etc.) to make 100% sure that they are “down” before sending any notifications.

It is all set now and we’ll be doing test monitoring starting today and the system will be activated fully by next week.

The remote checks will be done from URLs like r1.uptimerobot.com, r2.uptimerobot.com, etc. So, if you whitelist our IPs in your firewalls, analytics applications, etc, please whitelist *.uptimerobot.com to make sure it will cover all remote locations.

New IP:

Tip: If you need to whitelist IPs for a reason, you’ll find the rest useful. Else, why don’t you start monitoring more websites?

Today, we have also added a new server which is much powerful and won’t require any upgrades for a long time (hopefully short).

The old IP ( will still be used until the end of April 2010 and the new IP is (it is already used).