Support For Self-Signed SSL Certificates (And How HTTPS URLs Are Handled)

Since the beginning, Uptime Robot was supporting URLs with SSL certificates (https).

However, self-signed certificates (the ones with unknown CAs) were not supported as they were generating errors like "unknown certificate", etc. and Uptime Robot was considering these websites to be down.

Today, URLs with self-signed certificates are now supported just like any other URL (as you already know the certificate is self-signed and no need to throw alerts).

On the other hand, for any type of https URLs, if the certificate is an invalid one (like the common name and URL not matching) or the date is expired, Uptime Robot will keep sending a down alert.

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  1. Fanr

    my account can not sign in,it says “The account is not activited” and I still not recieved the first e-mail,my account is,thanks!

  2. admin Post author


    Just saw your comment and after checking the account details, I saw that it is already activated. So, things should be cool.

  3. John

    Does https certificate expiry still work? I have a site with an expired certificate, trying to set up monitoring tell me if it happens again but UpTimeRobot tells me the site is up while Chrome tells me it is down.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      That behavior has changed and UR currently ignores certificate errors.

      We’ll be adding an option for that.

      1. John Kobe

        Did UR ever add SSL monitoring capabilities?

        1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

          It is not available yet, however, it is almost on top of the to-do-list.

          1. Palle

            Is there an ETA on Certificate Checking?

            We just discovered certificates where not being validated, this is a critical monitor for us.

          2. A.D.

            I too would like an ETA on Certificate Checking.

          3. Holger

            Up! With awareness of the complexity of SSL verification this is needed by us, too.

          4. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

            It is ready and available now.

    2. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      It is ready and available now.

  4. Gary Pendlebury

    It appears that certificate validity is not currently being monitored. Do you have an ETA?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Although no ETA, we are currently working on this.

      1. Alex de Landgraaf

        Hi Umut, Is there an ETA for this now? Your original comment was from march 2015 on this issue and this is something we (as a paying UR customer) do require to alert on certificate expirations. If only as an optional functionality when checking a https-URL, with any caveats as we know certificate checking can be tricky.

        1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

          We are now actively working on this and plan to make it ready within weeks.

          1. Daniel Yehuda

            Hi there!

            We just ran into a problem where our cert expired and yet uptime robot happily told us that our services were still running. This is a major problem / deal-breaker for us. The last post on this thread said the issue was actively being worked on in January.

            Has there been any progress on this yet?


          2. Francis

            Is this feature ready? Do we have to activate a setting for this?

          3. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

            Yes, it is ready and available now.

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