New Ip Address In Town

The number of users utilizing Uptime Robot is regularly growing and, in order to fulfill this growth, a new monitoring engine will be added to the system by this Monday (2 July 2012).

If you never needed to whitelist Uptime Robot's IPs to make the monitoring work correctly, than it is ok to ignore this message as things will keep working ok.

However, if your monitors/websites are behind a firewall where you need to whitelist the IPs, the new IP is:

And, you can find the full list of IPs being used at: .

Have a great day!

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  1. Sudhir Kashid

    My some servers are behind the firewall, which IP need to be allow on our firewall.
    I am not getting mail alert also for sever up /down.

    Sudhir Kashid

  2. admin Post author


    I suggest whitelisting the monitoring IPs mentioned at

    Also, whitelisting the e-mail IP (mentioned in the same URL) in your e-mail server will help a lot.

  3. shahram

    is there anyway to view report more than last 24 hours? if not its a great idea to do more powerful your services

  4. adores

    I would like to have option into my monitor services to view the entire month/year graph of all failure, not as it right now day by day.

  5. Ann


    I’m very pleased with service functionality. Simple form and it doing exactly what I need :-)

  6. Mike

    I started using this yesterday to monitor our site for “403.9 – Too Many Users errors”. There have been lots, but none showing on my account with I guess the software doesn’t see this as a downed web site. Shame, but your software is of no use to me if this is the case. Thanks anyway.

  7. vivek

    Superb config..and very Simple & Straight forward

  8. cendy

    it’s very useful,give me what I need ! thanks

  9. admin Post author


    Uptime Robot catches 403 errors but maybe something different going on. Can you please let us know the details ([email protected])?

  10. Rasenmäher

    great tool… when will the SMS function be updated? I would also pay for a stable SMS feature

  11. Wazirpur

    We also need the SMS alert particularly in Indian Location, the money does not matter, we are ready to pay for this stable continueous feature that we get alerts via SMS.. Thanks

  12. admin Post author

    Rasenmäher & Wazirpur,

    We are now working on v2 (to b released within few months) and it’ll have the SMS functionality.

  13. Tomm

    What will be the price structure for SMS facility if we want to suscribe this feature..

  14. Morteza

    i add 00447700089071 but you not send Cod activation for me, kindly check and let me know.
    2-my Hosting with ip is up, but in you system i see Down.

    Thank you.

  15. admin Post author


    SMS messages are sent via free e-mail-to-SMS gateways and they are not stable for all providers. We’ll be adding a pro gateway option soon.

  16. Chris

    This would be a great paid service but as it is free, it is a tremendous aid to any webmaster.




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