New Feature – Telegram Integration

Telegram LogoUptime Robot offers multiple ways to get notified of downtime. And, here comes another exciting one.

Thanks to its bot framework and API support, it is now possible to get down/up/SSL notifications via Telegram messaging app.



The usage is pretty simple:

  • go to My Settings>Alert Contacts>New>Telegram
  • create the alert contact
  • click the unique Telegram link created
  • press /start button displayed in the Telegram dialog
  • and, you are all set, just attach this alert contact to the monitors of your choice via add/edit monitor dialogs.

Hope that this new feature helps for better notifications.


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  1. Pierre Dennert

    Great feature – at the moment I’m using IFTTT for this. Any plans on supporting Group chats? That’s the only thing keeping me back (ok maybe also the ability to customize messages)

  2. Niemiecki

    Great work! Thanks for the new feature!

  3. Anon

    Awesome! Telegram, and you guys both rock!

  4. Meyti

    Cool! now i don’t need IFTTT any more. thank you :like:


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