New Feature – Read-Only Api-Key

Uptime Robot provided 2 api-key types: a master api_key and monitor-specific api_key.

The master api_key can be used to perform almost every action exists in the dashboard and it must not be revealed for the security of the accounts.

Yet, there are cases where the api_key may needed to be revealed like using it in client-side code or sharing with customers. For this reason, monitor-specific api_keys (which can only use the getMonitors method for the given monitor) were introduced and they help a lot.

A new api_key type is added today to simplify the use further: Read-Only Api-Key.

Similar to monitor-specific api_keys, it can again only use the getMonitors method. Yet, it supports fetching data for all the monitors which is ideal for sharing it with teammates or using in client-side code which needs to deal with the data of multiple monitors.

Hope it helps :).

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  1. Miku

    This is a very cool improvement.

    Have you thought about a read-only account for dashboards? We have a few screens in our office displaying some monitoring charts and I’d love to have the Uptime Robot TV mode showing there as well, but I’d feel uncomfortable leaving the computer in our shared office logged on to Uptime Robot with administrator rights.

    1. Tom

      Have you tried the “Public Status Page”?
      Not as beautiful as the TV mode but maybe still suitable for you.

    2. Jens


      We use the public status pages for this purpose – might work for you.

    3. Peter

      You could create a password protected public dashboard. Then you could display that on the screens. You wont be logged in as an admin to display that dashboard.

    4. Alex

      First of all, thank you for this improvement!

      Like Miku said, a read-only dashboard would be also a great improvement. We have the same need for such a feature.

  2. Hanna

    Awesome feature…..

  3. cmstop

    that was really useful
    thanks a lot

  4. Silowniki

    Great feature ! I like that ! thank you guys, keep doing great job !


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