New Feature – Each Monitor Can Have Different Alert Contacts

Once a monitor is detected as down (and back up), Uptime Robot was sending notifications to all alert contacts defined in the “My Settings” page.. until today.

We have rolled an exciting update today where you can assign different alert contacts for each monitor.

Let’s say:

  • you have 10 monitors, 3 of them are your own websites and others belong to customers. And, you want Uptime Robot to notify your customers for “only” the up/down events of their websites,
  • you want to notify the web developer when your company website goes down and notify the IT admin when e-mails server don’t work.

These are all possible now.

How to use it?

Alert contacts are still defined to your account from the “My Settings” page. After that, they can be selected per monitor from the “add and edit monitor” dialogs.

What about my current alert contact settings?

We have assigned your alert contacts to your monitors accordingly. So, everything will keep working how they were.

If you prefer to change the alert contacts of a monitor, simply click the “edit” icon besides it and you’ll see how easy it is.

Did these updates change effect the API?

Yes. There are now new methods and features reflecting the changes. Another blog post is coming about it within a few hours.

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  1. Musa

    Brilliant. That’s all that was lacking for this excellent service.

  2. Arkadi Pasternak

    Thank you for implementing this feature!!! You guys rock!

  3. techlib

    Your service is great! This new feature is surely adding a jewel in the crown!

  4. none

    How bout alert after x failures instead of just alerts after a single failure ?

  5. admin Post author


    Yes, that’s a feature we’ll be adding for sure.

  6. Brockdin Barr

    I don’t need this feature myself, but just wanted to say thanks for the service. It’s awesome. :)

  7. rtpharry

    Love this site but this blog post describes a usage scenario thats not currently possible.

    “10 sites, 3 of them my own and rest customers” would need 8 contacts defined but I can only add 5 contacts to the site.

    Hope this gets expanded soon.

  8. Sachin D. Pore

    Thanks a lot for this new update in feature, this was really required….

  9. Diego

    SMS Brazil – Nextel not send Activation code, help me please

  10. admin Post author


    Free email-to-SMS gateways are sometimes unstable and I suggest retrying again.

    Also, you can find the format email-to-SMS messages sent here. You can also give it a try by mailing to your SMS number using the format and find out if it works that way.

  11. Maxim Chicheyev

    Have just signed up for Uptime Robot. I hope UR is a great uptime reporting service!

  12. admin Post author


    We believe it is :)

  13. John

    Great service!

  14. Chantal

    When I set the email to be notified for ups and downs it doesnt show when I go back to it. ie I set x client as an email notification to me if the client is down and I have two different addresses it can be sent to …when i set it and then click edit monitor it updates …then when i re-open it it shows nothing clicked???


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