Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Here is a small and handy addition for having an extra level of security for the accounts.

Two-factor authentication is a widely-used mechanism for making sure that the account is only reachable by you and Uptime Robot now supports it.

Two factor authentication

The feature can be found at My Settings>Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) menu and you can choose to use your favorite authenticator app like Google Authenticator, Authy.. for activating it.

Once activated, the login pages will ask for the authentication code (besides the password) which can only be generated with your authenticator app (and, we are working on adding this feature to various other actions besides the login).

Hope that it helps for a better experience :).

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  1. John

    U2F support would be great. Most major platforms support it too (Google, GitHub, etc.).

  2. Ontwerpfabriek

    Great move, adding 2FA. But the recovery question with fixed questions isn’t. I should be able to come up with the question myself.

  3. Glen Cooper

    Thank you for adding support for the best form of 2FA out there (Google Authenticator).

    I’ve been through the nightmare of having lost my 2FA device before and know how painful it is with all of the challenges involved with resetting a 2FA link, so I always immediately back up my secret random string (that’s part of every 2FA setup). I’m sure many others aren’t as diligent when setting it up and will eventually lose their 2FA device. Your way of setting up a secret security question+answer is an excellent solution to the lost 2FA device problem. Kudos to UptimeRobot’s development team.

    UptimeRobot is an awesome product all around. Thanks for everything. You guys rock!

  4. John O

    What’s the process for account recovery if I lose access to my phone or code-generator?

    1. Kristian - Customer Service Agent Post author

      Hi John,

      in that case, I am sure you will be able to solve it with our customer support!

  5. Henning

    Great News!
    (Though I would’ve preferred WebAuthN/FIDO2/U2F…)

  6. Matthew Wolffsohn

    A bit late perhaps, but it’s never *too* late to improve security. Glad you’ve added support!


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