Introducing “HTTP Method Selection” (HEAD/GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE)

Uptime Robot sends HEAD requests for HTTP monitors and GET request for keyword monitors by default (and, this is a good default setting for most monitors).

On the other hand, there are cases when a customization may be needed, like:

  • Checking if a form in the website works as expected
  • Monitoring your APIs which expect specific methods (a perfect match together with the custom HTTP headers feature).

So, here comes the HTTP method selection which enables us to choose the method, send the parameters to be sent (if needed) and also decide if the data will be sent as JSON or not.

Custom HTTP Methods

The feature can be reached from Add/Edit Monitor dialogs>Advanced Settings>HTTP Method and also through the API.

P.S.> HTTP method selection is a Pro-Plan only feature.

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  1. Gunter

    thanks for the feature! But would have been great if this would also work with the “Keyword” type :)

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      It also exists in the keyword monitors too.

  2. Gerald

    Thank you for improving the uptimerobot service. When comparing with other services, especially those services which also have nice cakes, I have to say that uptimerobot really does not offer a lot of options. Especially an option to avoid notifications about small downtimes would be really useful. Something like “do not alert for X (configurable) minutes”, so I can select whether I want to be notified about a short 3 minute downtime…

    Also: Is there an update for your iOS App in the works? It really is a little dated and cannot even rember login information. And it does not support iPad screen sizes.


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