Free Timezones Database (For Your Web Apps)

Lately, we have added “custom timezones” to Uptime Robot where users can select their timezone to view any report in their own date and time.

You may be willing to add something similar to your own application as well and it takes some time to find the values for timezones or cities and countries they cover.

As we already have it, want to share the data (something simple but can save time):

Download the timezones database in .SQL format.

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Hi there, This is great, thanks for sharing it.. One comment I have is, this pertains to the settings on your site. My Timezone seems to be out an hour, or is the system behind 1 hour?

It says the current time is for example 1.30pm, when in fact it’s 2.30pm – due to daylight savings. Can you extend it to include daylight savings? Having it automatic would make like life a little bit better than having settings too.


Hi, you need to update the database and add a new timezone for Caracas/Venezuela -4.5 hours. This time zone was added in 2007.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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