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Uptime Robot helps getting notified of any downtime so that any possible issues can be resolved quickly.

It is also very good idea to share the statuses of the monitors with website visitors or teammates so that they know how the website/system performs too.

Such a communication helps them to know “it is or it is not only them when they experience issues reaching the sites/servers”.

Public Status Pages

This new feature helps creating such a public status page in seconds where the page will be displaying all the major details needed (uptime status and ratio for the last 7 days, response time and down events).

Note: As a demo, check Uptime Robot’s status page.

Status Page

Here are the steps to create it:

  • go to My Settings>Public Status Pages
  • choose all or preferred monitors to be displayed in the status page
  • customize it by uploading your logo (optional)
  • get the unique link and share with others
  • that is all!

Status Page Details

The status page can be consumed with the unique link generated or under a custom domain by setting up a DNS>CNAME record that points to

Also, you can choose to password-protect the status page as well.

P.S> More customization features are on the way :).

Starting on 2016-09-14, we are adding a new IP block to the system.

The current IP blocks are still staying active and we’ll start to send requests from this new IP block too.

Here are the details:

IP Block:

which means that the IPs are:


And, the up-to-date list of the IPs can always be found in different formats at:

It is already possible to monitor websites that require “HTTP basic auth” with Uptime Robot by providing login details.

However, it was not possible to monitor authentication-required websites without providing the auth credentials as Uptime Robot was considering any HTTP 401 response as “down”.

A logic update is applied today that will count HTTP 401 as:

  • “up” if no authentication info is provided
  • “down” if authentication info in provided

Simply, you can now monitor auth-required websites without providing these details.

We get many questions regarding "if Uptime Robot will ever become paid or not" and thought it'll be the best to share it in detail.

Why Is Uptime Robot Free?

We have launched Uptime Robot in January 2010 hoping to offer a non-complicated uptime service (where every website owner actually needs).

Also, we had created various web applications before but wanted/needed to experience how an application that runs -too- many tasks and has many users:

  • can scale better
  • serve stable
  • offer a good support system
  • and more..

to improve ourselves.

And, yes, we're learning too much from it, thanks to suggestions, comments which also help us a lot.

Will It Stay Free?

Well, that's the main plan. Simply, we want to support it with sponsors.

When the service was launched in January 2010, we had mentioned that it would stay for free at least until June 2010. And, lately, we updated this to December 2010 (in our about page).

Since the launch, we've contacted too many "possible advertisers" and, to be honest, it didn't go very well yet : ). However, we're still in contact with many others which means "it can always happen".

Uptime Robot currently runs on 2 cool servers and a remote account (for multi-location monitoring which we'll increase the number very soon) + it is improved regularly. Yes, it has a cost but we're not complaining. We learn a lot and that's something.

To sum up, we want to keep it free and will see how it goes.

P.S. Many users asked to donate, thanks so and so much. "You-paying" is the last option.

Any suggestions, thoughts? Please share, they mean a lot.