Cachebuster – A Pro Tip for Bypassing Cache

Caching is a great way to improve website performance and minimize the load.

An ideal cache displays the cached version until the content changes and flushes the cache when there is a change. Yet, there may be cases where the cached version is not the most up-to-date one (if there is a DB error on the site or the caching is only time-based..).

And, we may want Uptime Robot to load the non-cached version on each request to make sure that the uptime/downtime is decided accordingly.

Here is a tiny feature (a pro tip) that can help bypassing cache.


Uptime Robot will auto-replace the string:

  • *cachebuster*

in the querystring with a unique timestamp every time so that each request is unique.

As an example, if the website to be monitored is:


We can use the URL as:


and the request will have a different querystring each time.

Hope this helps for a better uptime.

Update (2019-11-19): The feature can now be used for custom HTTP headers and POST values as well.

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  1. Jay

    Sweet! Needed this feature. Added the string to all my tests.

  2. Jachu

    Hi, nice tip. This is very helpful. Thanks!

  3. Jens

    Excellent. Love the name too.

  4. Badar Jamal

    Great! Let me add this to all my websites…


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