Bulk Actions Get Better!

In case you haven’t seen or used it, there is a “Bulk Actions link” just under the “Add Monitor button” in the left sidebar.

It simply opens the “Bulk Actions dialog” and presents a set of actions that can be applied to monitors in bulk.

Bulk Actions


This feature is now more powerful with few important additions including:

  • support for maintenance windows
  • support for SSL settings
  • applying the actions only to selected monitors (besides all monitors)
  • choosing to overwrite or apply by preserving the previous settings

Hope that they will help and we are already working on the expected addition.. which is “bulk importing monitors” :).

8 replies on “Bulk Actions Get Better!”

Thanks, but is there a bulk action to import monitors from a CSV file? I’m setting up a new account and that would be very convenient. Thanks.

Hi James,

this feature is planned 🙂 It will be added soon, after we are done with the upgrades.

Hi Felix,

this feature is planned and will be added soon 🙂 We are currently working on some upgrades and optimizing our service.

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