Adding “Custom Text” to Slack & HipChat Notifications (Now Possible)

Getting notifications of downtime/uptime via Slack or HipChat is widely used.

Yet, until now, it was only possible to “target” rooms and not users.

There is now a “custom text” feature in the “Add/Edit Alert Contact” dialogs for HipChat and Slack where the text mentioned there will be sent with each notification.

As an example, we can now use custom text like:

  • @everyone for Slack to notify everyone
  • @SlackUserID for Slack to notify a specific user
  • @here in HipChat to notify all users in the room
  • @all in HipChat to notify everyone in the room
  • @HipChatUsername to notify a specific user

Hope this helps for a better experience :).


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  1. Chris

    NOTE: For Slack and “@Channel” i had to do this “< !channel>“.

  2. jess

    notification should be avaliable on twitter too

  3. KC

    What is the ‘official’ way to integrate UR to HipChat? I’m just hooking to the RSS stream for now.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      You can use “My Settings>Alert Contacts>New>HipChat”.

  4. Michael F

    Added slack monitor to website. Seen notification that webhook was added to channel on slack. Forced website down – no message arrives on the slack channel. Nothing. Nada. Null. :-/

  5. Dave

    Maybe you should add some descirption or a link to this blog post to the “New slack alert contact” form, as it is not immediately clear what this field is for.

    Also, is there a way to “test” alerts? This would also help with choosing the right content for the field and generally would be nice to be able to verify that some notification type works.

  6. Colin Safranek

    Is there a way to test a slack notification? I just want to make sure the message is formatted properly and alerting the “@channel”. How can I test the alert?


    1. CP

      I’d also like the ability to send a test. Would also like, if possible, to be able to configure some notification intervals or something to that effect.

      That said, thank you for this! :)

    2. Vlad

      The same trouble.
      No slack notification. How can I test the alert?

      1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

        The best way to get test notifications will be:
        - create a new monitor with URL: and attach an alert contact to it.
        - wait for a minute
        - update the URL to
        - wait for a minute and the “down” notification must arrive
        - update the URL back to and the “up” notification must arrive
        - delete the monitor

  7. Pavel

    Will it support the mattermost chat?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Slack integration is now 100% Mattermost compatible.

  8. Derick

    I’m trying to integrate uptimerobot with mattermost team edition. I tried adding a webhook in UR (both json and urlencode ?&) both not working. Even tried adding ?payload=& to the webhook still nothing was being triggered on mattermost.

    Is there a guide on what’s the exact setting for uptimerobot?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Sorry that I just saw it is the team edition. Can u contact us ([email protected]) and we’d love to help by trying/testing it reciprocally and we can share the final setup here so that others can use it too?


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