A New Monitoring IP (important if you have a firewall)

In order to make Uptime Robot faster and more stable, a new server is being added to the tiny : ) cluster (3 machines now).

If you're using a firewall and had needed to unblock the IPs of the service, than you may want to unblock this new IP as well:

Also, it can be necessary if you have excluded the IPs in your statistics application.

The new IP will be active by 03 December 2010.

If you find Uptime Robot useful, help us spreading the word:


  1. so

    So what are the other ips then?

  2. Patrick

    I greatly appreciate the service you provide. A real life saver for me.

    Is it possible to opt out of receiving updates regarding changes and alike?

    It goes to my SMS.

    thank you.


  3. admin Post author


    Replying to your ticket on the issue.


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