Monthly Archives: November 2015

If you are a business or freelancer with lots of monitors where getting the up/down notifications is not enough and want to keep an eye on the snapshot of the statuses of all monitors regularly, here is a new feature:

TV Mode

It is simply a focused view of the dashboard where only:

  • the number of the up-down monitors
  • and a list of “Latest Events”

are the most important.

The TV Mode refreshes each minute so that it always displays the up-to-date information.

It is a perfect fit to be displayed on a separate display where the teammates can also view it easily.

TV Mode

The feature can be reached from the “TV Mode link” at the right-top side of the dashboard (and, if pressed on a “monitor detail page”, it’ll keep the focus on that monitor).

P.S> Soon, we’ll be adding an option to reach the TV Mode with a unique link that doesn’t require user-pass (where login is sometimes an issue on display-only devices).

P.S2> The TV Mode is actually available since few weeks, yet, we hadn’t introduced it and hope that this blog post helps in case you had not seen it in the dashboard.