Monthly Archives: January 2015

Uptime Robot, a project that have started out of curiosity 5+ years ago, has now grown so much.

Since the last year, we are a full-time team working on it, providing fast support and trying very hard to keep the service simple, solid and modern.

In order to guarantee its future and keep offering a great monitoring experience, it became clear that Pro Plan is the way to go.

The Free Plan is still here

The Free Plan of “50 monitors checked every 5 minutes” (which you are currently using) is still here and stays untouched.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is a very budget-friendly premium monitoring plan which comes with 3 additional features:

- 1-minute checking intervals for faster downtime detection
- (Optional) more monitors
- 1 year of log retention
You can check the pricing and purchase by logging-in + clicking the “Upgrade” link that can be found in the header or inside the “My Settings” page.

Additionally, you’ll see that there is now a “Pro SMS” feature which supports almost any mobile provider and can be used by purchasing SMS credits from the “My Settings” page (one-time credits come with each Pro Plan to experience it).

20% discount for early adopters

The Pro Plan pricing is currently 20% discounted for early adopters. By purchasing now, you’ll be locking the discount rate for future renewals and upgrades.

The future

We are working on introducing exciting new features (for both plans) and making the monitoring experience more solid than ever.

Please let us know any questions or suggestions you may have and we’ll be very happy to help.