Monthly Archives: May 2012

It is possible to add many monitors to Uptime Robot and get notified of any downtime (and uptime).

However, there can be times where you may want to bulk stop them (like during a server restart) . You can do that now. With few clicks, you can stop, start or delete all monitors.

The “Bulk Actions” menu is found in the “My Monitors” page just under the “Add New” button.

IPv6 Support

More and more websites are starting to have IPv6 support and Uptime Robot can now monitor IPv6 addresses.

Either the complete IPv6 address or any compressed versions like:

  • fe80:0000:0000:0000:0202:b3ff:fe1e:8329
  • fe80:0:0:0:202:b3ff:fe1e:8329
  • fe80::202:b3ff:fe1e:8329

are all supported.

Minor New Feature: Sorting monitors.

You may have already realized but, few weeks ago, a small feature was added which is the “ability to sort monitors by name or status“.

This is specially good to view any “down” monitors at the top of your list (when you have many monitors).

That’s all : ).

New posts are usually added once a new feature is added and Its been a while since a new feature is introduced.

For the last few months, we were heavily optimizing the engine, notifications, API usage and fixing small bugs to handle the growth.

Things were already working good but we want to make sure they stay stable and we have improved many stuff in the backend.

Also, lately, we are busy working on few other exciting things: widgets to display uptime in websites and reports. And, they will soon be available.

As the title says, just a small update on the "progress" of Uptime Robot.