New Feature – Maintenance Windows (for the Pro Plan)

We all want our websites/servers to be “up” all the time and take multiple actions to increase uptime.

Yet, not all sites/servers are built for 100% uptime. Some have various tasks that cause downtime like:

  • backups
  • batch jobs
  • restarts
  • upgrades
  • etc.

Uptime Robot now has a new feature (for the Pro Plan) to handle such one-time or regular downtimes nicely:

Maintenance Windows

The feature is for easily defining once or recurring “do-not-monitor periods”.

As an example, we can now set a Maintenance Window that will start “Every Tuesday at 22:35 and run for 20 minutes”. Uptime Robot will stop the monitoring as 22:35 and resume it 20 minutes later so that you don’t get any “expected notifications”.

Maintennace Windows

It has support for:

  • once
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly

schedules. And, the way it works is very familiar (just like Alert Contacts).

They can simply be defined from the “My Settings” page and attached to the monitors of choice from the Add/Edit Monitor dialogs.

Simple and functional :).


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  1. Anna McMullen

    Awesome feature! If a server drops during the maintenance window and stays down, will we be notified of the drop when monitoring resumes?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Yes, it will :).

    2. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Yes, it will :)

  2. Abdel

    There should be a way to add it to all monitors. One by one is a pain.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      We’ll be adding this to the Bulk Actions menu soon.

  3. Jonathan Mayhew

    This feature is great, thanks. It would also be helpful to have a maintenance window option which continues to monitor through the maintenance window but does not include the downtime during the maintenance window in the uptime percentage.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Totally hear you.

      We are still collecting feedback regarding maintenance windows and will definitely be improving it.

    2. Tony

      Been using UTR and maintenance periods for some time now. Works well.

      Agree with Jonathon here… excluding maintenance periods from total %uptime would be useful. If we want that now we need to work out what % of hours were scheduled maintenance and adjust the %uptime number accordingly.

  4. Markus

    Good work guys, have been waiting for this.

  5. Gonzalo

    In my case, backups slowdown the server and at times I get unavailable alerts, so for me a nice to have would be to be able to be more specific on how I want monitoring to be different during maintenance window.

    For instance, I would setup that during backup window, monitoring interval was larger so the chances to get an alert are fewer.


    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      I hear you and can see that it can be helpful.

      On the other hand, going deeper in means of features/customizations also make things difficult for many others. A hard balance to keep and we may probably not add it for this reason.

  6. Robert

    May I have a suggestion? How about a budget plan without any support? Somewhere I read the reasoning for the pro pricing revolves around the cost of support. Some of us are happy with the automated service and don’t really need any support. Something like $10/yr for pro features without the support, perhaps with a lower cap on total monthly pings, would be perfect for personal use. There are quite a few services trying to pull $5/mo from me, so I am stuck with the free plan for now here and with the other services. I would be happy to pay a low price for fully automated service though.

  7. Nigel White


    We too suffer from too many alerts at night due to backups and this is one way to help. These are usually short outages e.g. 3 minutes
    My preferred solution is a different one.

    For some unimportant websites we don’t want an Alert for a short outage (say 5 or 10 minutes).

    For other websites we would like to be Alerted immediately as happens currently.

    What we thought would work well therefore is the ability to specify the Outage Before Alerting on a per site basis.

    Do you think that would work well?

    Thanks for the great tools.


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