Introducing “Public Status Pages” – Yay!

Uptime Robot helps getting notified of any downtime so that any possible issues can be resolved quickly.

It is also very good idea to share the statuses of the monitors with website visitors or teammates so that they know how the website/system performs too.

Such a communication helps them to know “it is or it is not only them when they experience issues reaching the sites/servers”.

Public Status Pages

This new feature helps creating such a public status page in seconds where the page will be displaying all the major details needed (uptime status and ratio for the last 7 days, response time and down events).

Note: As a demo, check Uptime Robot’s status page.

Status Page

Here are the steps to create it:

  • go to My Settings>Public Status Pages
  • choose all or preferred monitors to be displayed in the status page
  • customize it by uploading your logo (optional)
  • get the unique link and share with others
  • that is all!

Status Page Details

The status page can be consumed with the unique link generated or under a custom domain by setting up a DNS>CNAME record that points to

Also, you can choose to password-protect the status page as well.

P.S> More customization features are on the way :).

If you find Uptime Robot useful, help us spreading the word:


  1. Alex

    Sorting the monitors alphabetically would be nice.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      Coming soon :).

  2. Adam Tuttle

    This is awesome, thanks so much! Here’s a few bits of feedback:

    - The individual monitor screen shows blocks for the last 7 days above the graph of response time over the last 24 hours, but the former is in descending chronological order and the latter is ascending. While they don’t cover the same amount of time, I think it would be more intuitive if both went the same direction.

    - For organizational purposes, it would be nice if we could provide an alias for each monitor to be displayed on the public status page rather than the name used on the internal dashboard.

    1. Gui Porto

      Great addition! Quick suggestions:
      - Make it responsive
      - Don’t use the no-reply email. I was gonna email you guys but I couldn’t
      - Use a different service for this comments so that your users can upvote/downvote comments easily (or use a board with features to people upvote/downvote)

  3. John

    Super awesome! Would love the ability to show a longer period of time.

  4. Peter

    This is great!

    Two things I’d love to see for this:
    1) Let us edit the monitor names on the public status page. E.G., let us name a monitor “CMS cluster HQ1″ for staff alert emails but have the status page refer to it as “Main website.”
    2) Let us re-arrange the order in which monitors are displayed on the status page.


  5. Erick

    Can you please add options for different date formats? We generally prefer MM-DD-YYYY here in the US so it’s a bit confusing when we see it the other way around.

    1. Dave

      +1 – we would like this too.

      1. Flimm

        Actually, in the US they generally prefer MM/DD/YYYY (with slashes instead of dashes). Europeans generally prefer DD/MM/YYYY (again with slashes).

        The best date format in my opinion is YYYY-MM-DD: it puts the largest time units first and in order, so that if you sort the dates alphabetically, it also gets sorted chronologically. This is not a common date format, but it’s started to gain popularity in software because of its ease of use and comprehension. Sadly, it seems some people are only copying the dashes but not the nice order-ability of the dates, leading to weird formats like MM-DD-YYYY. If you want to use traditional year-last formats, use traditional slashes too.

        1. Mark van Lent

          +1 for having a YYYY-MM-DD date format available.

          Having said that: the status pages are a great new feature. Thanks!

  6. Patryk

    Great to see! Could you add TLS by automatically provision Let’s Encrypt certificates? That would be especially useful with password protected status pages.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      That is in the roadmap :).

  7. Jason Caldwell

    Yay! Thrilled to see this new feature. Can’t wait to test it out. Thank you SO much.

  8. Gergely Kovacs

    This status page is a great addition to Uptime Robot, and the features (custom logo and CNAME redirection) are great additions, well thought through!

    However, the design needs a bit of correction: when there was a single downtime in the past few days that are displayed, the entire row of the monitor turns red, which is incorrect: only the day that had the downtime should turn red, the other days should stay green.

    Another suggestion for the design would be to use different shades of yellow and orange between green and red to manifest different levels of downtimes. For example:
    - 100% green
    - 99.99% and below: yellow
    - 99.9% and below: orange
    -99% and below: red

  9. Luis

    Thanks so much for this tool !!

  10. B

    If a host is added to the status page and then renamed in the dashboard, it throws an error.

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      This must be all fixed now.

  11. Peter

    The demo page is down. Do you have a status page for the status page?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      It is all stable now.

  12. Fernando

    Hi, nice new feature.

    This is my feedback so far:

    1) On my settings> public status page after press show them
    the list is displayed ok but if you add a new page the buttons (edit,pause,delete) are added next to the page name instead of below of existing buttons.
    You got to refresh the page to render properly

    2) In the same list, the only way to access a page that is not using a cname (and you forgot or miss the link) is presing on edit button, then on url.
    It would be nice/better/simple to add this link to the page name itself on the list, thus you just press on the page name (in the list of pages) instead to press edit and then on url.
    If you are using cname, then the link should point to cname.


  13. Tarun

    Nice feature, will surely test this out in coming days. Thanks for all the great work.

  14. Christian

    Does it support https?

    As my website use Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains; preload

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      No yet, however, it is in the to-do-list.

  15. chris

    Wow that’s cool. now the only thing missing would be the part to also record some outages to inform all status watching users that there is some work going on.

  16. Terence Baker

    Could the quick stats be moved to the top of the status page?
    We actually made our own status page as an Android app using your API and having a static screen in the office with the status ticking over is really handy!
    It seems strange hierarchically to have the overview info after the individual status monitors.
    Thanks for cool new feature!

  17. Robert

    I’m not seeing this under My Settings – is this a new feature that is only available in a Pro plan?

    1. Umut Muhaddisoglu Post author

      It is available for all users.

  18. Mark Farrugia

    Awesome feature, thanks so much!!

  19. Dumitrescu Cosmin

    We would love to put this on our monitors using just the smart-tv browser but all the monitors do not fit and the white background is consuming.

  20. Mauro

    it seems nice, we can offer this monitor for all customer into our datacenter both in italy and latvia. what about API and whitelabel ?

  21. chris

    great feature!! many thanks for that. and now if we even could include at the status page our twitter status account that would be great! Or another possibility to write some outage status reports or work description and so on.

  22. Miloš Havlíček

    Thank you! However, please, use https:// instead of http:// for security reasons. One more suggestion, status javascript widget with green (everything up) / orange (some down) / red (all down) indicator could be also good for some web apps.

  23. Josef Zacek

    This is awesome, thank you very much.

  24. Duncan

    Great work. You are busy with the mobile app and now this!

  25. Dinesh Copoosamy

    Absolutely dig it – thanks!

  26. Sven

    Hi there, this looks really nice!

    Will these features become available through the API as well?


  27. Andrew Azarov

    One question, on our status page ( Overall Uptime is lower due to addition of new monitors, can it be fixed (like if monitor did not exist then don’t count it as downtime (and don’t draw those meaningles 0% boxes for them))? Also yearly uptime would be nice as well

  28. Asoul

    This feature is great! Can this page add SSL?

  29. Asoul

    Nice! I have some suggests:
    - Using SSL
    - Combine multiple monitors into single service, user only need to know if the service is working, not every server’s detail


  30. shumisha


    Was hoping the “coming soon” sign on public status pages would not take too long to be removed, so I’m happy it’s here today.

    It’s not exactly what I had hoped for actually. I can see the direction you have taken when designing it, and it seems to be geared toward startups and tech companies, who care about API response time and such.

    I was hoping for something more helpful for regular web sites owners: a page:

    - displaying simple uptime stats for the pas few days: you got that, but added much more data that’s only useful to few people, and confuse the page very much.
    - helping to communicate with customers while the site is down: posting messages, updates and keeping a brief history of past downtimes

    When I look at the status page today, I would like:

    - “Monitors” should be customizable. It has no meaning to a customer. I’m sure that’s coming though
    - Type and interval columns to be removed: that’s just internal tech stuff
    - option to entirely remove the “response time” graph you get when clicking on a monitor. Response time history over time is tech stuff, not for customers (unless you sell an API, which is less frequent than having a website)
    - “Quick stats” appears to be a counter of events. I feel this has limited value and takes up space (yep,you had only 2 downtimes last 6 months, but what if one was 12 hours? only % have a real meaning)

    As for helping to communicate with customers in case of downtime (ie posting messages), maybe that’s part of the “more customization features”?


  31. Paulo

    Congratulations. Great and excellent service!!

  32. Rodrigo

    Very nice idea, thanks!!!

  33. sander

    Would be nice customise the page to
    - Ordering by name
    - Option to showor hide fields (like only quick stats or hide the time/days/periods)
    - Customise the colors

    But overall, very pleased with this option !!!!

    Keep it up :)

    Gr Sander

  34. Junho

    Just thought I’d let you guys know I’m intermittently getting 503 bad gateway error when I go to

    and when it’s up it’s very slow.

  35. Gabriel


    Great job.

    Its possible select language? For example, show uptime robot in spanish.


  36. Pothi Kalimuthu

    Thanks for bringing the public status page/s. Moving all my uptime monitoring domains here.

  37. fharju

    Great feature – thanks!

    Can we pass the password in the URL or via POST ?

  38. Jaff Santana


    I’m testing the new feature here. I noticed that the page asks to hit the password again once after 1 hour logged in. Is that someway to keep it logged in full time?


  39. Pettis

    Great feature.

    However I would like to see one improvement.

    I just added 3 new monitors and added them to the new public status page. The overall uptime is dropped to ~40% because there is only data since today. Because there are no interruptions during monitoring I think this is not correct. The unmonitored time could be grayed out or something like that and not counted as downtime.

  40. Jeff

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for continuing to improve this service. I love the simplicity of it and clean interface.

  41. Dave Slotter

    What are the maximum dimensions for the banner on the public status page? I was told my banner was too large, but don’t see anywhere this size is published.

  42. Jack Hanington

    This is SICK! Thank you

  43. Nick Pappin

    It would be nice to group monitors. Lets say I have four monitors on the same piece of equipment keeping track of port 80, 443, 8080 and 8443. Lets say this server hosts our external website. What I want is the ability on our public status page to have the service name “Public Website” and have these four monitors all build the data for this public status page element.

    Additionally it would be nice to have these monitors roll up in several different ways. In example:
    1) If one monitor is down the service is down
    2) if one monitor is up the service is up
    3) If one monitor is down then the service is 75% available

    That being said this is great and will make consuming our status so much better.

    Thank you!

  44. Jeff

    Love the new feature, thank you!

    Is anyone else having problems with the password-protected status pages. It keeps prompting for a password. Eventually, I just refresh the page and it loads the status information.

  45. Randal

    Nice job. I seem to be getting multiple login popups for the password feature.

  46. Juan Manuel Zolezzi

    Allowing clients to subscribe, to get notified once server is back online via email?

    That seems like a great addon for the Pro plan.

  47. Sasha Odarchuk

    Thanks for feature ;)
    but what about dashboard for month (or last 30 days) ??

  48. Dark

    Ah,glad to know the status,and i tried added 2 monitor, and is there any guide where to “get the unique link” at the section titled “Public Status Pages” of dashboard,or need submit some request? greetings!

  49. Andy

    Are there any plans to increase the shown timespan? I would be super nice to see the data for the last 3 months. So you could generate a report every quarter of the year.


  50. Jamie Benson

    Absolutely brilliant feature guys, I’m really impressed.

    From a corporate perspective:

    - I’d look at ability to style the pages. Arguably i wouldn’t expect that in a free version.
    - I’d second the ability to remove certain features, I’d like perhaps a board I could give my devops teams, and another which I might use as an externally facing board for stakeholders or management.
    - SSL would be brilliant on it

  51. Henning

    Great feature!! Actually this could have been a pro-addon all over (not only the branding) but makes me appreciate it even more :)

    One thing though: Passwords like GZdNh7Fn&2aPffdQ>s do not seem to work, getting rid of the special symbol / chars solved it.

    Cheers + keep it up

  52. Jason

    I updated and added a new status page, set CNAME in DNS, the uptimerobot url works fine, the cname though I get an error

    502.3 – Bad Gateway

    Most likely causes:

    The CGI application did not return a valid set of HTTP errors.
    A server acting as a proxy or gateway was unable to process the request due to an error in a parent gateway.

    Things you can try:

    Use DebugDiag to troubleshoot the CGI application.
    Determine if a proxy or gateway is responsible for this error.

    Detailed Error Information:
    Module ApplicationRequestRouting
    Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler ApplicationRequestRoutingHandler
    Error Code 0x80072efd
    Requested URL
    Physical Path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
    Logon Method Anonymous
    Logon User Anonymous

  53. @gbruna

    Is there a possibility to set the time zone?, because it is not taking the area that you have configured in the system


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